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What is the big vibration of the ball mill reducer?

2021-09-14 09:42 Author:Lynn

The reducer is one of the indispensable parts of the transmission part of the ball mill. Under normal circumstances, the reducer vibrates slightly and the sound is not loud. If you find that the ball mill reducer vibrates sharply and makes a lot of noise, you need to think, check the cause and find a way to solve it, so that the ball mill can resume production as soon as possible. Generally, the reasons for the large vibration of the ball mill reducer are:

Ball mill reducer

1. The gap between the two wheels of the ball mill coupling is too small to compensate for the amount of movement caused by the self-finding magnetic center when the motor is started.

2. Misalignment. The axial amplitude of the reducer and pinion gear is not large, and the coupling does not generate heat, which can eliminate the misalignment of the coupling.

3. The method of aligning the coupling of the ball mill is wrong, causing the two shafts to be out of concentricity.

4. The connecting bolts of the ball mill coupling are not tightened symmetrically, and the degree of tightening force is different.

5. The fasteners are loose. The vertical amplitude of the reducer is smaller than 0.024mm, and larger is 0.069mm. The vertical amplitude fluctuates. It may be that the anchor bolts are loose or the base and the shim are not in contact with each other.

6. The outer ring of the ball mill bearing is active.

Ball mill in Iran project

How to deal with the vibration of the reducer of the ball mill: Adjust the gap between the two wheels according to the stipulation, so that the two shafts are concentric. Tighten the coupling bolts of the coupling symmetrically with the same torque. When the rotor is unbalanced, take out the rotor of the ball mill to find a static balance.

In our company’s previous project in Iran, the horizontal amplitude of a ball mill reducer was very large. The company sent technicians to inspect the equipment:

1. Check the contact accuracy of the tooth surface. Insufficient tooth surface contact accuracy can also lead to excessive horizontal amplitude. This reducer has been in operation for several years. After opening the observation hole, the gear meshes well and the tooth surface has a running-in property, so the insufficient tooth surface contact accuracy is preliminarily ruled out.

2. Look for imbalance. The unbalance of the large gear usually shows corresponding severe vibration in the horizontal and radial directions. According to the measured data, the horizontal amplitude is twice the radial amplitude. The vibration characteristics of the reducer can eliminate the unbalance of the large gear.

Through the above two steps of searching, the reason for the large horizontal amplitude of the ball mill reducer was finally found, and then the ball mill quickly resumed production without delaying the progress of the project. In addition to the problem of large vibration, the reducer may have other problems, you can refer to the article: How to solve the operation failure of the wet ball mill reducer.