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What is the diameter of a 100-ton ball mill?

2021-09-13 10:01 Author:Lynn

There are many models of ball mills. In order to make the distinction easier, we usually describe the ball mill based on the output per hour. A 100-ton ball mill is a ball mill with an hourly output of 100 tons (t/h). Of course, there is more than one model of equipment that can achieve this output, so the editor deliberately summarizes the ball mill models that can achieve this output, and introduces you in detail the diameter of the 100-ton ball mill, and displays the technical parameters of each model here for your convenience Make a selection.

100 tons of graphite ore ball mill

A ball mill with an hourly output of 100 tons should be a device with a relatively large processing capacity, and multiple models with a cylinder diameter of 2.4m~3.2m can meet the production needs. However, the output of the ball mill is not only determined by the model, but also related to factors such as the nature of the grinding material, the size of the feed, and the grinding method (dry grinding or wet grinding). Therefore, the selection of the model must be considered in a comprehensive manner. , You can also consult the professional and technical personnel of the ball mill manufacturer to recommend a suitable model for you from a professional point of view.

The 100-ton ball mill has a wide range of applications. It can be used for grinding operations of various metals and non-metals, especially in the grinding of iron ore, copper ore, gold ore, feldspar ore, graphite ore and other ores. Excellent. In the design of the discharge port, the width of the discharge port is enlarged, so that the minerals can be discharged better and the grinding efficiency is improved. In addition, the 100-ton ball mill has a large loading capacity, ranging from 30t to 65t for each model, and has a large processing capacity at one time, high scale efficiency, and can meet the needs of large-scale beneficiation, so the demand in the market is still very large. Yes, the models with more sales include φ2436, φ2745, and φ2836.