Home Cases Application of Ball Mill in 720t/d Phosphate Ore Beneficiation Project

Application of Ball Mill in 720t/d Phosphate Ore Beneficiation Project

Application of Ball Mill in 720t/d Phosphate Ore Beneficiation Project

Type of ore: Phosphate Rock

Processing scale: 720TPD

Grinding equipment: ball mill

Process flow:desliming-one stage of closed circuit grinding-one coarse, one sweep and two fine flotation-concentrate tailings dehydration process

Fluorite flotation

For the phosphate mine project in Uganda, the person in charge of the project found Xinhai Mining Equipment through the Internet. After inspecting Xinhai’s equipment production workshop and related project sites, he finally finalized Xinhai as the general contractor of the project. The project has an investment province. , With the characteristics of short cycle and quick results, the ball mill plays a role in connecting the previous and the next in the grinding stage.

Background of the project

The metal ore of the project ore is rich in iron, phosphorus and other metals. The ore is composed of incompletely consolidated and loose igneous carbonate weathered residual mineral debris and supergene formed fibrinous mayenite and earthy hematite. The presence of a large amount of mineral clay interferes with the separation and purification of minerals such as apatite and magnetite; the minerals are mutually wrapped, and the continuous growth is serious, and it is not easy to grind and dissociate; the phenomenon of mineral similarity is serious, titanium and iron , Manganese, aluminum, and magnesium crystal lattices replace each other, making the mineral composition very complex.

Beneficiation process

Desliming stage

The raw materials are fed into the raw material warehouse by the loader, and the belt conveyor and belt conveyor are set under the warehouse to transport the raw materials to the high-concentration mixing tank, and add water to adjust the slurry. The evenly stirred slurry is transported by the slurry pump to the original ore desliming cyclone for desliming, the sludge removed is transported to the tailings sedimentation tank, and the underflow of the cyclone flows to the ball mill for ore grinding;

Grinding stage

The ball mill, pump, and grading cyclone form a closed-circuit grinding system. The overflow of the grading cyclone flows to the high-efficiency stirring tank, and after adding the medicine in the stirring tank and mixing evenly, it enters the flotation process;

Flotation separation stage

The flotation process is a positive flotation process of one coarse, one sweep and two fines. The flotation concentrate is transported by the foam pump to the concentrate pump box; the dewatering stage of the concentrate tailings: the concentrate pump is transported to the concentrate The dehydration system is dehydrated, and the product after dehydration is phosphate concentrate; the flotation tailings are transported by the tailings pump to the tailings dehydration system for dewatering. The dried tailings after dehydration are transported to the tailings pond for storage by dump trucks, and the dehydrated filtrate is returned Production cycle use.

Project results

Fluorite flotation

The beneficiation project adopts domestic advanced, mature and reliable technology and equipment to ensure that the beneficiation plant can operate in a long-term, safe, stable and continuous manner and produce qualified products. At the same time, in meeting the requirements of modern enterprises for the production environment, Xinhai Mining Co., Ltd. has achieved the principle of combining source treatment and tail treatment to reduce pollution. The entire beneficiation project has low investment, short construction period and quick results.