Home Cases Application of Lattice Ball Mill in 700t/d Fluorite Ore Beneficiation Project

Application of Lattice Ball Mill in 700t/d Fluorite Ore Beneficiation Project

Application of Lattice Ball Mill in 700t/d Fluorite Ore Beneficiation Project

Type of ore: fluorite

Processing scale: 700TPD

Grinding equipment: lattice type ball mill

Process flow:two stages and one closed circuit crushing-one stage closed circuit grinding and classification-one coarse and one sweeping seven fine flotation-concentrate tailings dehydration-concentrate drying process.

Fluorite flotation

For the fluorite beneficiation project located in Inner Mongolia, China, after many comparisons, Xinhai was finally selected as the contractor of the project. Based on the starting point of creating greater benefits for customers, Xinhai chose a lattice ball mill in the grinding stage to achieve Grinding fineness -200 mesh accounts for 65%, which provides a good foundation for subsequent flotation, dehydration and other operations.

Background of the project

The mineral composition of the ore is relatively simple, mainly fluorite, quartz and calcite. The main chemical components are CaF2 and SiO2. The content of CaF2 is 28.30-87.49%, the average content is 58.19%, the content of SiO2 is 8.18-65.38%, the general content is 25-38%, and the average content is 34.11%. The content of CaF2 and SiO2 is in a relationship of increasing and decreasing, and the content of the two accounts for 92-95%.

Beneficiation process

Crushing and screening stage

A jaw crusher is used for coarse crushing, a cone crusher is used for fine crushing, and a circular vibrating screen is used for screening. The size of the crushed product is -15mm;

Grinding and classification stage

The mill adopts a lattice ball mill and a spiral classifier for grading, with a grinding fineness of -200 mesh, accounting for 65%;

Different stages of flotation

The mature flotation process of one rough, one sweep and seven fines is adopted, and the rough selection, sweep selection and selection operations all adopt SF type flotation machine. China Mines returns in order. The concentrate tailings are separately pumped to the concentrate tailings dehydration system;

Dewatering stage of concentrate tailings

Using concentration, filtration and dehydration technology, the final concentrate contains less than 20% water. The tailings adopt a dry drainage process, and the final water content of the tailings is less than 20%;

Concentrate drying stage

The fluorite concentrate needs to be dried. Based on the actual situation on site, the second-stage drying system is transformed and expanded in the first-stage drying workshop. When drying, an indirect drum dryer is used for drying, and the dried products are discharged into the original screw conveyor and transported to the packaging and pneumatic conveying system.

Project results

Fluorite flotation

The project’s concentrate grade CaF2 is as high as 97.78%, and the recovery rate is 83.13%. It can produce nearly 100,000 tons of fluorite powder each year, and the processing plant has considerable benefits. At the same time, the implementation of the project also solved the local employment problem and achieved good economic and social benefits.